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Upcoming Events

National Arts Marketing Project Conference, Salt Lake City, UT November 6-9, 2015
On Sunday, November 8, Lena is facilitating the roundtable discussion "Marketing, Outreach, Development+: All Rolled into One" at 3:30 & 4:15pm. and a Dine Around at 6:30pm with discussion topic "Do you wear too many hats or a unique multidimensional arts outfit?"

PROJECT LAUNCH - augmenting: a site specific augmented reality tour of magic in SE Portland, OR, SHOUT HOUSE December 6, 2015
On Sunday, December 6, opticnoodle launches their new project "augmenting" with magic wand making and brunch from 10:30am - 12:30pm at Shout House. Then, at 1pm, we will take a tour of the 3 locations where the augmented reality pieces of previous wand making sessions will reside for a while, at least. Thanks to the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Art ala Carte, Hand2Mouth, Tiffany Lee Brown, Meg McHutchinson, and all of you who participate in it.

About opticnoodle and me

opticnoodle, the name Lena uses for her artistic work, experiments with audio-visual technology in live performance to foster collaboration between audiences, performers and technicians. This work came out of research which applies post-modern ideas of subjectivity and physical vs virtual presence to make a case for how the use of electronic media in juxtaposition to live experiences is changing the way we understand our role/position and experience our own bodies in relation to the work. The final result is a simple, visceral experience that has room for intellectual contemplation, but doesn't require a deep understanding of the underlying theories to be a rewarding experienceif approached with a sense of curiosity and playfulness.

Lena is also an independent arts marketing and development professional in Portland, OR with a particular interest in supporting experimental arts groups and collaborations. She has been involved in experimental media and performance arts as both artist and organizer since 1994. Her recent clients include the Risk/Reward Festival, Pendulum Aerial Arts and Hand2Mouth. She supports many more small and large local arts organizations through her work as a grantwriter with KC Grants. She was co-director of artist-run Grand Detour and lead fundraiser for the Experimental Film Festival Portland until 2014. Lena has over 10 years experience working for for-profit businesses in marketing communications, graphic design and educational video and multimedia production.

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